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The Coalition of Finnish Women’s Associations NYTKIS

The Coalition of Finnish Women’s Associations NYTKIS is an umbrella organisation consisting of the women’s organisations of the parties represented in Parliament, the Feminist Association Unioni, the National Council of Women of Finland and the Association for Gender Studies in Finland.

We demand equal policies that support women’s rights and opportunities and highlight the perspectives of our member associations, both separately and in cooperation. Our vision is that NYTKIS be known nationally and internationally as a political partner and expert in equality issues.

Our operations are guided by our values: cooperation, equality, non-discrimination, consensus, feminism and fight against discrimination.

NYTKIS was founded in 1988. Our member associations have a total of about 420,000 women as members. NYTKIS’s operations are funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture in Finland.

Regional activities

NYTKIS has regional committees across Finland. The regional committees promote gender equality and cooperation between women’s associations locally and regionally and organise different events. The regional committees operate as networks, and the actors involved in them are regionally active members of NYTKIS’s member associations.

Our goals and operations:

  • We advocate gender equality and the human rights of women and girls
  • We actively monitor political decision-making, legislation and research conducted from the perspective of women’s rights
  • We influence political decision-making and engage in public debate to strengthen gender equality, for example, by issuing statements
  • We cooperate with women’s and human rights associations in Finland and abroad and exert influence on advisory boards and in working groups
  • We organise events and seminars
  • We play a unique role in bringing together all women’s associations in the political sector and various politically neutral associations to pursue common goals